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Aims and Scopes

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Aims and Scopes
The Iranian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology publishes original, peer-reviewed, scientific research-based articles in the field of physiology and pharmacology, especially the new and innovative findings. The scope of pharmacological research includes pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacogenetics, pharmacovigilance, therapeutic drug monitoring, drug interactions, randomized controlled clinical trials, development of new drugs and new drug targets, ethnopharmacology, herbal medicine, herb-drug interaction, experimental and clinical pharmacology, neuropharmacology, neuropsychopharmacology, biochemical, cellular and molecular pharmacology, immunopharmacology, drug metabolism, interaction of chemicals with biological system, and all fields of toxicology. The scope of physiological research includes, but not limited to, cell physiology, electrophysiology, endocrinology and metabolism, gastrointestinal and liver physiology, heart and circulatory physiology, pulmonary physiology, integrative and comparative physiology, renal physiology, physiological genomics, neurophysiology, defense physiology, ecophysiology, evolutionary physiology, physiology and diseases, clinical applications of physiology, surgery and physiology, physiology and biochemistry, physiology and biophysics, animal physiology, veterinary physiology, physiology and biomechanics, education in physiology, nanoscience in physiology, applied physiology, and pathophysiology. The papers should illustrate new physiological or pharmacological mechanisms at the level of the cell membrane, single cells, tissues or organs. Clinical studies that are of fundamental importance and have a direct bearing on the pathophysiology will also be considered.
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